Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Jenny on Tottenham Court Road

Jenny is an interior designer based in Bangkok. The last time I show her, it was in the Biscuit factory in Bermondsey where she was exhibiting her fabric sculptures in a group show. Now she is back in town and we had a chance to meet up and talk about style, fashion and self expression.

Jenny's style is eye-catching and to the people who are close to her it is an extension of her warm and outgoing personality. She is a fan of stripes, polka dots and tribal patterns and wears a very specific palette of colours. "I will choose anything that is grey, brown and pink and matches my body type" she adds while playing with her owl-shaped ring. I imagine her opening a big box full of funky accessories and picking different ones each day. But I've got it wrong."I wear everyday the same jewellery. During the weekdays I don't pay so much attention to what I will wear but on weekends everything becomes more exquisite. I will put on my favourite music and improvise."

Jenny's owl-shaped ring

We met up in Tottenham Court Road and in Brick Lane. In each photo Jenny's style is mixing perfectly with the surrounding area, the brutalist architectural style of the Centre Point in the first picture and the hippy ambience of Brick Lane in the second.

Jenny on Tottenham Court Road

Jenny on Brick Lane

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