Wednesday, May 12, 2010

two girls and a fedora hat

girls wanna have fun

Sometimes I meet people that want to talk about fashion but they do not like being exposed.However, I recently met two girls who were willing to do so creatively. They stroke a pose and concealed their faces behind a fedora hat.

"I am a dentist. I have to wear specific clothes to work; a white robe etc, but I replaced the white clogs with colorful crocks so I made this outfit mine. When I am not working, I dress casually but never conservatively. The essential piece of clothing in my wardrobe would have to be the pants. I have a large variety of pants from which I accessorize with others items. They all are unique designs and I like them to be comfortable on me as I don’t like them to outline my body.

I like 80's fashion and fluorescent colors. On a special occasion, I would wear a dress but only something that is unique because I like to be different. I say no to mini skirts, heels and in general whatever limits my comfort, my movement. I like accesories, I will always add something to my outfit, like this hat for example. I wear rings, usually on my right hand, but I keep it simple. Often, I would wear something that reminds me of a person in my life, like a ring I wore for years that belonged to my grandmother."

The other girl I spoke to is a student at the school of fine Arts. " I don't think much about fashion" she says "you ask me if I wear accesories and I said no, but I cannot think of a reason why I don’t. Actually it's the first time I think about it. Probably it’s because I would rather spend my money on other things. I dress depending on my mood. I like colors and when I am in a good mood I indulge wearing lots of colors. I like the romantic style, dresses with floral patterns. At school I wear jumpsuits because they make me feel comfortable."


RenaTsan said...

i ve studied Physical education and i had the same problem always wearing boring sports clothing as a teacher.....not any more now i am working with my husband in our tattoo shop and my imagination and creativity in clothing has flourished!!!!!I'am not going back.....

katerina said...

Nice!This thing with the dress codes is really crap!

Wallace Chapman said...

It's a cool photoshoot..great colours ! w - New Zealand