Wednesday, April 28, 2010

back to the future

meet the market Giorgos and Charalambos @ Thisseio

Blue hair, spike collar, deathly T-shirt illustrations and a cool attitude.
That was my first impression of Giorgos and Charalambos, two guys who are not afraid to speak the truth.

"I always trust my personal instincts when I choose my outfits." Giorgos declared. " I have no conventions, I choose and mix my clothes depending on my mood, I experiment and I treat it like a game. It’s like wearing a costume where I play a role depending on my mood. I do not believe in labels, most of my clothes come from women's stores like the jacket I am wearing today. I believe being yourself is the norm and I use clothes to express myself. The way I dress, attracts like-minded people and keeps conventional minded people at bay. Generally, I mix and match but I also love the style of Comme des Garçons and Digitaria, an innovative fashion label by designer Eleftheria Arapoglou. "

When asked about the way Greeks dress, he said that "the majority of Greeks show a lack of confidence in fashion and in themselves. They do not feel secure enough to express themselves and I believe that this kind of behavior is deeply rooted in a wrongful interpretation of society values and the strong influence of family and religion. I find their dress style dull, boring and miserable and I don't see them changing in the near future."

Charalambos however, is more optimistic." I think there is hope. The new generation is more open-minded since they travel more than they used to and are influenced by other cultures. As a fashion designer, I hope to change old habits. My designs feature futuristic elements and I try to visualize the new style I am dreaming of."


Nells said...

this is a very nice post!!cool guyz!!
loved the blue hair..
he's right about us greeks we like playing it safe!!but i feel there is potential...

not a girl not yet a woman! said...

Interesting outfit!

ANGELINA said...

really cool guys!!

{ I V Y } said...

woah i love them!

Giorgis said...

τελειο χρωμα μαλλιων ο τυπας

-Φιλικα FUniporn