Monday, March 29, 2010

@ Exarchia square

varvara Exarchia square, Varvara

Varvara is 28 years old and works in a private company. She
lives in Marousi (a northern suburb). She has a dress code for
work, and for every day outfits she prefers comfortable clothes,
that don’t draw too much attention. She describes herself as
simple and conservative and feels that’s reflected in the way
she dresses. She is inspired by Latin music and her travels to
other countries. That day she wore earrings she had bought
during her trip to Brazil and her top was bought from Thailand.
She likes accessories and experiments with them. She buys
her clothes from Zara and similar chain-stores and also from
small boutiques in the suburbs, near her house. When shopping
she thinks practical and prefers to give more money for
high-quality items that last longer (for example good leather
boots). She has specific items in mind when shopping but
rarely finds them in the shops around her. It’s difficult for her to
follow fashion trends and she usually likes trends when they’ve
faded out and she’s managed to adapt to them.

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Froso said...

Varvara is simple, casual but VERY stylish. Thumbs up!