Thursday, March 11, 2010

back on the streets of Athens on a dull day

We walked from Syntagma Square to Exarcheia to capture the Athenian vibe on a dull day.

Exarcheia @ Exarcheia, Aspasia and Olga, Students, 19 and 20 years old

Exarxeia is a youth-based area of Athens with many cafeterias, bookshops, record stores and bars. It’s a culturally peripheral zone, with a lot of students from the nearby University, cult residents, anarchists and junkies.

We met Aspasia and Olga as they sat on the doorstep of an old building. Their colorful clothes made us notice them from a distance. They are both students at the University of Athens, Aspasia studies English Literature and Olga Psychology. They said they like to shop second-hand clothes from bazaars. Olga said she likes earrings and the ones she was wearing were made by Aspasia. They are influenced by music, they listen to alternative music, Aspasia added post punk and new wave. We asked them about their haircuts and said they do them themselves.

Exarcheia @ Exarcheia square.

Romina is Italian and lives now in Greece because she’s studying at the Italian Educational Center of Athens. She is 20 years old and likes fashion, but wouldn’t spend much money on clothes if she can’t afford it. The clothes she was wearing that day were from London. She makes accessories herself, such as the earrings she’s wearing in the photo.

Syntagma @ Syntagma square.

Christina is 21 and studies Theater in the port-city of Patra. She likes fashion and usually prefers going out wearing jeans, high heel shoes and shirts. She doesn’t like to provoke with her clothes but enjoys dressing in a feminine way. She likes to wear make up and accessorizes with earrings, faux bijoux, and an expensive watch on her left wrist. She shops from chain-stores like Bershka, Stradivarius and she would spend more money on buying shoes and a watch.

Note about Sintagma Square: it’s the starting point for Ermou st, the most popular downtown shopping avenue, with boutiques, big stores and chain-stores like Zara, Bershka etc


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