Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas is coming.. we took a walk in downtown Athens to see what’s happening!
We started with the Meet the Market bazaar, at Technopolis, in the Gazi area. We met a joyful atmosphere and loads of people strolling around and spent the day taking photos in a frenzy. Here’s what we came up with...

meet_market_12_09 the joyful atmosphere we were talking about, happy people meet the market

meet_market_12_09 Alina, Razzmataz

meet_market_12_09 Avgi with her handmade dress for Cruel Candy

meet_market_12_09 Anna, Akiramushi, japanese aesthetic

meet_market_12_09 Holy Mustache with his vintage collection

meet_market_12_09 Katerina from Germany and small Violeta giving us a big smile

meet_market_12_09 loads of people..

Elisavet knitting…

meet_market_12_09 ...these nice things probably

meet_market_12_09 Valia, part of the CraftersinCrime

Loved this scarf!

meet_market_12_09 Katerina displaying her Moyo bag

meet_market_12_09 Katerina from Magiko..

meet_market_12_09..and her creations


Venetia Ioakim dressed in a very feminine piece from her own collection themed "Grandma's Secret Love Affair"

meet_market_12_09 Vallistic accessories


meet_market_12_09 Irini Spinou and Evgenia design sweet-like accesories, yum!


meet_market_12_09Etten from Envite Encorre

meet_market_12_09leafshaped earrings from recycled material, Etten's choice

meet_market_12_09 New trend for earings, captured illustrations

meet_market_12_09 Marianthi posing

meet_market_12_09 Vicky is happy finding meet the market (from a free press newspaper) to shop her xmas gifts. We asked many people how they found their way to the meet market and most of them indicated facebook.Sign of the times?