Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Swap not Shop" Xmas edition @ Six D.O.G.S.

"Swap not Shop" is a clothing exchange party, organised by Sandra-Odette, Thalia and Viviana (more info: www.swishing.gr). This time the event took place at the Six D.O.G.S., the new place to be in Athens, a multispace including a bar, a cafe place, a Project space (for exhibitions,one-off events), a Studio Complex (atelier for artists, designers) and a Utility Place (for live gigs, workshops etc). Athenswears visited the event, which turned out to be a big success judging from the number of people who participated and from their enthusiasm!

swap not shopNo limits, no rules, no money, just swapping, as the girls say!

swap not shop Sandra-Odette, one member of the organizing team with friend, colorful pic

swap not shop Outside Six D.O.G.S., Elena, Nina and friend, fancy a coffee break. Loved their style (and their red balloon)!

swap not shop Aggeliki and Kostapanos take a break to pose for us (we like men experimenting with color and accesories!)

swap not shop Elina and Natasha, casual dressed (nice sneakers!)

swap not shop daring colors and an attitude, Aggeliki, Aggeliki and Kiki

swap not shop The "Swap not Shop" team, Sandra, Viviana and Thalia

swap not shop Violeta with dreadlocks

swap not shop Elina and Natasha, in black and white

swap not shop Last but not least, the dj of the event wearing a fabulous Mexican Wrestling Mask

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas is coming..

...so we took a walk in downtown Athens to see what’s happening!
We started with the Meet the Market bazaar, at Technopolis, in the Gazi area. We met a joyful atmosphere and loads of people strolling around and spent the day taking photos in a frenzy. Here’s what we came up with...

meet_market_12_09 the joyful atmosphere we were talking about, happy people meet the market

meet_market_12_09 Alina, Razzmataz

meet_market_12_09 Avgi with her handmade dress for Cruel Candy

meet_market_12_09 Anna, Akiramushi, japanese aesthetic

meet_market_12_09 Holy Mustache with his vintage collection

meet_market_12_09 Katerina from Germany and small Violeta giving us a big smile

meet_market_12_09 loads of people..

Elisavet knitting…

meet_market_12_09 ...these nice things probably

meet_market_12_09 Valia, part of the CraftersinCrime

Loved this scarf!

meet_market_12_09 Katerina displaying her Moyo bag

meet_market_12_09 Katerina from Magiko..

meet_market_12_09..and her creations


Venetia Ioakim dressed in a very feminine piece from her own collection themed "Grandma's Secret Love Affair"

meet_market_12_09 Vallistic accessories


meet_market_12_09 Irini Spinou and Evgenia design sweet-like accesories, yum!


meet_market_12_09Etten from Envite Encorre

meet_market_12_09leafshaped earrings from recycled material, Etten's choice

meet_market_12_09 New trend for earings, captured illustrations

meet_market_12_09 Marianthi posing

meet_market_12_09 Vicky is happy finding meet the market (from a free press newspaper) to shop her xmas gifts. We asked many people how they found their way to the meet market and most of them indicated facebook.Sign of the times?