Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More photos from the Beautiful Inside & Out Event!

Here are some pics from the events preceeding the fashion mayhem ;))

Beautiful Inside & Out @ Whitebox

Last Sunday we were at Whitebox where a fun event took place. It was called Beautiful Insade & Out -WHERE FEMALE CREATIVITY MEETS INNER BALANCE & FASHION MEETS BEAUTY!
Shiatsu demonstration and sessions, Face exercise sessions, Make up seminar, fashion styling, and photoshoots! All accompanied by handmade nibbles,tea & wine...and lot's of cool girly energy!
Participants: Evangelia Kouloglou, Stella Glanti, Georgia Kotsiopoulou, Gaffer & Fluf, Marika Poulopoulou & Jessica Josafat...and blogs Fashion Paths, Life In Athens, and The Soho Symposium.
Enjoy the pics from the fashion-styling parts of the day! more to come soon...