Friday, September 12, 2008

3rd Tell A Story

The very young & hapenning Tell a Story Young Designer Tradeshow is gearing up for Summer 2009! It coincides with the Athens Fashion Week so visitors from out of Athens can get the most of both sides of the fashion spectrum!
The event will be held at K44 again, well know for supporting such innovative events. Details are below, but beware! The exibition is for trade only or by special invitation :)

Tell a Story
3rd International Young Designers’ Tradeshow
buyers only

9-12 October 2008

at K44

for Spring/Summer 2009

The third international young designers’ tradeshow “Tell a Story” is to take place between the 9th and 12th of October 2008 at K44 (Konstantinoupoleos 44, Gazi).

Young, up and coming designers from all over Greece and Europe will be presenting their collections for S/S-2009.

Tell a Story, is the only tradeshow in Greece that is focusing on the presentation of the work of young designers, aiming to promote it within the Greek market. The range, selected by the organisational team of Tell a Story, reflects a coherent pick of designers with fresh, innovative and in the same time practical designs, always within the context of small qualities and high quality.

Tell a Story’s aim is to grow into a platform of exchange, coexistence and development by inviting every time, more and more young designers, artists, photographers, stylists, journalists and buyers.

This season’s organisation is inviting more designers to participate while following the guidelines of international fashion fairs, meaning that designers will be presenting their work for Spring/Summer 2009.

For more information you can contact us at ,00.30.6947 025766 and 00.30.6932365008 or email


Juliet said...

A kengaroo !

juliet xxx

kelledy said...

Wow! This is so cool. I love the idea to 'tell a story.'

Nice blog, btw.

The UrbanTeam said...

thanx for your kind comment :)

Anonymous said...

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