Friday, January 18, 2008

First Year Super Anniversary Contest!

Hey stylish bloggers!
We are celebrating our one year anniversary!

So we thought of a cool contest for all our readers!

Email us your fashion photos (could be of interesting street style of your city, of your friends or even yourself!) and win one of 3 goodie bags from Greek Independent Designers! (gifts will include jewelry, leather accessories, clothing etc from designers like, matalou@home at, Sugar Line Productions,, Gallanti Jewels, Fluk by Smaro Botsa, Mina's Handmade and more!)

We will accept up to 3 photos per entry from all over the world, the Team will pick the 3 lucky winners (taking into account fashion style and quality of images) and will mail the prizes around the globe via registered airmail :)

You will allow us to post the best photos on the site and mention your first name and location. The contest ends 1st of March and the winner will be announced the following week after we deliberate :)

Tech specs:
-Semi-high resolution (just so long as it's possible to enlarge it from the 300x400 size they'll be on the blog page)
-Please label each photo
-mail us :

As for the future of Athenswears, hold tight, life has been busy for the Team, but we still have major plans that will include and promote the design and fashion world or our city.


Juliet said...

the idea is great.I got to try... later..
juliet xxx

CitizenJournaliste said...

Hello, I've got my three images ready! Where do I email them? Thanks dear.

evaweb said...

you can send us your pics to, our contact e-mail

Ostentatious Style said...

Great idea! Which is the deadline?

Anonymous said...

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