Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Falling for Fall Fashions

MeMeMe is a funky boutique located in Haritos str. which features mostly independant Greek designers and it's owner Evi Magaliou, was kind enough to model for Athenswears a couple of key looks for Fall 2007.

This is a brightly colored vintage inspired satin dress, that can be worn as a trapeze babydoll or cinched at the waist which is so fashionable right now. Dress by Bed of Roses, clutch by booboo, shoes by Elvira and earrings by Fluk.

This is another outfit with a very retro luxe looking jacket but it is cleverly combined with a modern knit mini skirt and a colorful snakeskin clutch. In this look we have 3 key trends going, the 50es, the micro mini and the 80es! Skirt by Missoni, jacket by Fairytales.


lali said...

It would be nice to show a bit more of street fashion from Athens.
Thanx :)

The UrbanTeam said...

don't fret, we are not forgetting out duty :)
september was very busy for all of us, but we are getting organised and will have many new goodies for you! thanks for caring :)

Candid Cool said...

gorgeous orange dress

Anonymous said...

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