Saturday, October 27, 2007

Athens Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2008

athens fashion week 2008

Orsalia Partheni For her Spring/Summer collection 2008
Orsalia Partheni brings back the 80's and chooses bright colors together with provocative and super revealing shapes.

orsalia partheni1
orsalia partheni2
orsalia partheni3
orsalia partheni4

Maria Mastori and Filep Motwary
Inspired by the summer fires that devastated Greece, the two designers painted the models faces charchoal and accessorized them with elements from nature, large stones and netting.

maria mastori

Miriam Ponsa
Miriam Ponsa is a young, talented new designer from Barcelona. In our chat with her, she revealed that for her show she was inspired by her newborn baby, finding the courage to show her latex obsession and combine it with bold and bright colors.


Yiorgos Elefteriades
An avid supporter of alternative style, Yiorgos Eleftheriades for his new collection aims to create a new urban uniform...



Blackbird said...

Loving Partheni's outfits - especially the yellow accessories; such a huge trend on the catwalks now!

Anonymous said...

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william said...

The silhouettes retain the high level of strict femininity. That is achieved through pure, masculine lines, which are then balanced out with either voluminous details or by showing the shoulders. Filip began the show on a high note of applause as she sent forth her elegant silk coat-dress in a very light and very pale pink. The femininity of this coat, like the other coat dresses similar to it, is systematically achieved through massive volume in the sleeves.

Anonymous said...

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