Monday, May 28, 2007


Matalou is a designer who is involved with creating funky accessories for 8 years now and has a strong presence in the world of fashion in Athens. We had a chat with her while visiting her unique showroom/shop in Plaka.
She told us she enjoys the surprises that come with her work and draws inspiration from life itself!

Q-What is the best and worst part of working for yourself?
A-Good things overcome the bad,that's all i can say..
Her dream is to be able to continue doing what she loves and she elaborated a bit on the reasons for opening her own retail space which features other designers as well.


Q-What was your reason for opening your retail space and why do you feature other designers?Any other plans for expanding?
A- It just happened,like it usually does (!)and i followed.
My own shop gives me a sense of freedom as i can "show" whatever i want even if it's not commercial enough…(trying to be commercial and creative at the same time -which i have to do since it's my job and not a hobby- can be exhausting some times).
Another reason is that i like-so much-to meet and interact with people that are buying and wearing my stuff, although i spend few hours in the shop.
Also, when you find me there(you can arrange for an appointment) you can ask to have any of my designs created in your preferred colour combinations and/or your own details (prints etc.)


Q-Let us know what other designs apart from your own we can find at your shop and where are you located, opening hours etc
A-Apart from my collections you will enjoy the works of:
-Blanket Lo(accessories-clothing)
-Lost toys(accessories-clothing),
-Kru kurva(Laga bags),
-madame Mo(dolls,paper staff etc.) and many to come.


The shop is called "Matalou at home" and it's located in Plaka area,
17 Kirristou str.,tel.2103246448,
It is open Tuesday to Saturday (also Mondays during winter)
Tue+Sat 11.00-17.00 and Wen,Thu+Fri 11.00-20.30

Also you can meet Matalou online on

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Bitches are Back!

We are not uttering profanities! This is the translation of the name of a shop we have come to know and love called Le Streghe Son Tornate.It features many authentic vintage treasures from the 30es onwards, creations of contemporary independent clothing and accessories designers, as well as not so vintage but famous brands nevertheless, like Missoni, Versace and Dior.

They also accept your original designer items on consigment, so you can be truly economical and eco-friendly and recycle anything that is in mint condition just sitting in your closet.Every now and then, they hold bazaars with lower priced bargains so keep in the loop!

Rianna and Nana are the owners of this individual boutique located at 9 Haritos Street at the Kolonaki shopping district.
Tel 210-7212581

colorored clothes
shop view2
shop view3
shop view

Monday, May 14, 2007

1st Tattoo Convention

Last weekend, we visited the 1st Tattoo Convention where we spotted the latest trends in body art. Men and women showed off their tattoos, large and small. Some of them were very unique indeed and had taken body art onto another level.

tattoo_mikeMike's Tattooing. Mike is inspired by Eastern art and philosophy and he is considered the best tattoo artist in Greece.

tatoo_ibizaIbiza Tattoo

tattoo_polynesiaPili Moo from the Canary Islands




Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Magaze is one of the hippest places in downtown Athens. With its colorful decor, relaxed ambiance, delicious coffee and treats, it's our fave hang-out place for a quick coffee or a lovely cocktail.

anastasiaAnastasia is a waitress @ Magaze

tinaand so is Tina

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Louis Vuitton Style Versus Athens Street Style

We couldn't help noticing the irony of the new Louis Vuitton creation
by Marc Jacobs! This bag is inspired by the plastic carrier tote that
originates from China and is carried by everyone globaly to carry their
stuff, mostly junk or groceries! We haven't decided if this is a sign
of the times, with China being a new superpower in manufacturing,
especially of fake Louis Vuitton bags! Someone is turning the tables?