Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Urban Team hits the airwaves!

The Urban Team made a guest appearance at “Talk of the Town”,
a radio programme on Athens International Radio 104.4FM.
The show’s hostess, Alexia Amvrazi chatted with
the creators about the blog,
the major trends that are out there, what it takes to create
a street fashion blog in Athens, how easy it is to capture
the look and style of the people.
We also invited new independent artists who wish to be
featured on our blog as well as contributors who woud like
to send us pictures and comments, to contact us.

(Talk of the Town is daily at 10-11am, Monday through Friday on 104.4FM)

The Urban Team hits the airwaves!From left to right Jessica Josafat, Alexia Amvrazi, Evi Tsirigotaki