Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hellenic Fashion Week Winter 07/08

What are the Greek designers suggesting for this winter?
We visited the catwalks at Zappeion to check out the new trends
in local fashion for Winter 07-08 @ the 5th Athens fashion week
(Diners Athens Collections InStyle).

@ Celia D by Celia Dragoumis
celiad150s femininity is still a strong influence.

celiad2Crochet and embroidery still embelish the more structural and masculine shapes.

@Mario Lefranc-Beatrice Ferrant
french1Updated plaid & geometric patterns make these womanly shapely dresses fresh and modern.

french2WOW! tulle explosion with an industrial twist.

french3Country tweed and Emma Peel boots, texture and shine, such a cool combo.

french4A modest bust and a stunning back make for a sexy and funky evening dress.

french5More romantic and slightly eccentric creations for eveningwear.

@Smaragdi Herheletzaki
smaragdi fashion
smaragdi fashionNever has knitwear been so NOT granny wear :) Where Frida Kalho meets Bjorg.

@Costas Faliacos
fagiakosBubble dresses get fluid.


Candid Cool said...

I am really liking the high waisted trousers at Celia D
And the semi backless dress at Mario Lefrance-Beatrice Ferrant

smaro said...

I am also liking the high-waisted pants. The geometric dresses will love divine on most figures too.