Thursday, March 29, 2007


modelsModels preparing to strut their stuff on the Athens Fashion Week.

The owners of cool vintage boutique "Le Streghe Son Tornate" located at the hip Haritos Street in central Athens, pose for us before viewing the day's collections.

kleliaChanel elegance mixed with a shabby chic vintage crochet scarf. We just love the Jackie O sunglasses!

gheisa_chicWhere Eccentric Oriental meets Modern Baroque.

mara_posingBeautiful model Mara Darmousli posing outside the fashion show.

prmanFashionable P.R. man Tolis Skoularikis accentuates his unique style as he poses with his lovely Lucy.

jogglers Two guys having walked in straight from an anti-war protest look a bit disoriented.

manA male stylish character that seem oblivious to his effect on the female population.


Candid Cool said...

loving the striped wedges

Arsh said...

awesome pgotos

Ioanna said...

Some people need to approach fashion with a "less is more" mentality. Fashion trends like Jackie O sunglasses should be worn by people that suit them and not by every single woman in Athens.
Look at the woman in the photograph on the left at the very top (i.e. cool vintage boutique owners). She has a round face, so she should not be wearing round-framed sunglasses. They look ridiculous on her.
I find that women in Athens will wear something because it happens to be the big trend of the season. Not every trend suits every person.
I work as a wardrobe stylist and do not encourage my clients to wear trends but rather I dress them for their body type and the image that suits their lifestyle.
I lived in Athens for 5 years and can attest to this fashion frenzy faux pas by the masses of women in the city.