Saturday, March 3, 2007

tell a story@psirri

the New Young Designers; International Tradeshow
On a freezing Saturday morning we strolled down to Psyrri area to visit Occhi, a concept store that had invited a few designers, local and international to showcase their new collections. We were impressed by their imaginative, colorful and functional spring suggestions.

Each season, Matalou chooses a story to tell through her accessories. For this spring she was inspired by the all the student riots that have been going on and so “L’Enfant Saboteur” was born. Her wallets, bags and wristbands come in a variety of colors and shapes and they are truly very functional and uber cool.

paperbagThese colorful functional bags by Portuguese designers KRVKURVA weight 40 grams but can hold up to 50 kilos of stuff. Impressive!

pistolbagthe perfect bag to pass airport security checks, by Dutch designers Vlieger & Vandam.

be creative

skirtElena from "two in a gondola" was inspired by a piece of fabric she found and so her new collection is what she calls “a walk in the countryside” with an 80’s sense of humor. Colorful, pattern skirts, shirts and shorts with a touch of nostalgia.

The Mother of all skirts :) Luxe and feminine, fashionably bubbly and with a large functional pocket for ipod and lipgloss.

shoesA modern take on the oriental theme of arabian nights slippers.

kolazHow a piece of fabric can easily turn into a skirt by Blanket Lo. A truly multifaceted garment.



beltHandmade belts from vintage fabrics...The Urban Team modelling one of the funky cinch belts from Lost Toys.

urbanteamThe Urban Team checking out the merchandise

MannequinThis is what we feel and look like after a hard day's work...


Candid Cool said...

clever the gun bag

Anonymous said...

i have linked your site on mine and was hoping that you would do tha same!!


Arsh said...

love big pockets on dresses and skirts!

Amanda said...

what's the address to this store? :)

Anonymous said...

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