Thursday, February 22, 2007


monastirakihere at the monastiraki flea market you can find both elegance and kitschiness...more or less the same as the streets of Athens...

At the flea market we spotted Amanda and Marcus, a pair of tourists wondering around. Funky shirts, brown vintagey boots, jeans and wooly hats...

girlfriens at aiolou streetthese 3 girls are students of Marketing but graduates of Style
bootsthese white boots are a unique sample of urban, comfy footwear, highly recommended for shopping sprees!

couple@monastirakisporty, clean cut couple... shopping at ermou street;why do so many couple seem to share such similar styles? is that what love does to us?

zapZap's works are more than plain graffiti. They are unique pieces of art and We love him for making our lives more beautiful.