Thursday, February 22, 2007


monastirakihere at the monastiraki flea market you can find both elegance and kitschiness...more or less the same as the streets of Athens...

At the flea market we spotted Amanda and Marcus, a pair of tourists wondering around. Funky shirts, brown vintagey boots, jeans and wooly hats...

girlfriens at aiolou streetthese 3 girls are students of Marketing but graduates of Style
bootsthese white boots are a unique sample of urban, comfy footwear, highly recommended for shopping sprees!

couple@monastirakisporty, clean cut couple... shopping at ermou street;why do so many couple seem to share such similar styles? is that what love does to us?

zapZap's works are more than plain graffiti. They are unique pieces of art and We love him for making our lives more beautiful.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

athens carnival

Since it is dress-up season in Greece we attended lots of parties
both in the city and the suburbs.



devilThis girl is a wicked little devil...

a pop tube top finds its perfect match in a Marilyn skirt

a mystery woman outside Guru bar poses for us, dressed up as kitchy Greek singer

urban team@Blue Peach
The people at Blue Peach bar decided to express themselves in various ways.

djRocky Horror meets Pipi Longstocking in the face of this dj

corpse bridesThis year we spotted several corpse brides inspired by Tim Burton's flick.

playboyWhat's a mafia boy and a playboy doing?
We could tell ya but then we'd have to kill ya...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Tessi Spilioti is the owner of the Bacaro art gallery
and the...mastermind behind the Master and Slave party we attended.

tessiTessi together with a 20's flapper.

rocky horrorMaster and slave meets Rocky Horror Picture Show

sarahSarah clad in purple hides her identity behind a mask.

calliopeCalliope, graphic designer chating about design with Eva

elinaElina is a music journalist.
She strikes a pose wearing a killer revealing black dress

dandyman with a camera

Maria denounces the master and slave theme and opts for a more romantic outfit.

jenniferJennifer, performance artist

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Olga K. @ Cult Film festival

olgaWe were captivated by Olga's romantic/punk sense of style.
She is an events photographer but she was glad to put her
camera aside and allow us to take a picture of her.

reaRea, journalist
She lives between Athens and Paris but her bag is pure Americana.

antigoneAntigone, journalist
She is a TV journalist who is always on the hunt for the next big scoop.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Great Brits - the new alchemists

poster_great_britsThey are young, talented,
inspired and with a wacky sense of humor!
Meet the young British designers at the Megaron exhibition.

pascal_ansonPascal Anson
He gives life to unused things and transforms them
into semi-functional everyday objects.

anson;s chairsPasacla Anson's chairs are playful and colorful.

Monday, February 5, 2007

article in the media

Our first article in the media appeared in the "Athens News".
To read the full article click here

DJ Krush

djkrushThe famous producer, re-mixer and recording artist, Dj Krush
came to Athens to bring the unique flavour of Japanese hip hop.
We had a chat with him and he was kind enough to pose for us.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Design Walk

designWalkLast weekend, 14 talented graphic designers all located in the Psyrri downtown area, showcased their work. We were there to record the new trends…

Sophia is a talented writer who refuses to pose but still looks cool as she pretends to read something…

P6Michael & Rena (P6)
Michael David Ochs is German, Rena Chrysikopoulou is Greek. This duo creates multimedia and print projects.

Their motto is “design or die”…’nough said…

nice_t-shirtstylish couple@designshop


detailhis is an optical illusion sweater, she goes with a star light, star bright pin

girlThe crowd we met @ the design walk definitely knows how to accessorize.