Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fashion-A-Fair at Booze

We mentioned this event a while ago, which took place the same time as Athens Fashion Week...
Well here are some images from the event featuring some of the designs and designers :).
There was also a unique happenning with a well thought out performance that was humorous and very theatrical.
We are looking forward to the next Theatre Crossroads productions event!

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

booze designer's event

Saturday, December 1, 2007

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Mrs. Tependri
48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival Enfant Terrible of the art world, Constantinos Kakanias, welcomed the visitors at the 48th Thessaloniki Film Festival with a huge inflatable sculpture of (his muse) Mrs. Tependri.

the opening ceremony
48th Thessaloniki International Film FestivalThe opening ceremony that kicked off the Film fest and was directed by Thanos Anastopoulos featured scenes and images from the European avant garde cinema as screened on four huge white balloons that were suspended from the ceiling.

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Athens Xclusive Designers Week

xclusive logo

Presenting New Designers

A glimpse from the catwalk ( designer's name Alexandros Talianis)
at the catwalk
at the catwalk2

At the entrance
the entrance

Fashion Lovers
fashion friendly crowd
fashion friendly crowd2

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Athens Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2008

athens fashion week 2008

Orsalia Partheni For her Spring/Summer collection 2008
Orsalia Partheni brings back the 80's and chooses bright colors together with provocative and super revealing shapes.

orsalia partheni1
orsalia partheni2
orsalia partheni3
orsalia partheni4

Maria Mastori and Filep Motwary
Inspired by the summer fires that devastated Greece, the two designers painted the models faces charchoal and accessorized them with elements from nature, large stones and netting.

maria mastori

Miriam Ponsa
Miriam Ponsa is a young, talented new designer from Barcelona. In our chat with her, she revealed that for her show she was inspired by her newborn baby, finding the courage to show her latex obsession and combine it with bold and bright colors.


Yiorgos Elefteriades
An avid supporter of alternative style, Yiorgos Eleftheriades for his new collection aims to create a new urban uniform...


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fashion Booze!

Well, this has nothing to do with alhohol!
Instead it is a fashion event taking place at the well known Athenian Booze Co-operativa bar!
15 up and coming designers will be presenting and selling their wears (clothing, jewelry & accesories) for 2 days in an alternative space, combined with live performances and art instalations.

This event is entitled Fashion A-Fair and is organised by an English company called International Theatre Crossroads which is involved in artistic endeavours and cultural productions all around Europe.
The live performances are at 2.30/5.00 and 19.30 while the exibition is open from 1.00 to 21.00 on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October.
Booze Co-operativa is situated at 57 Kolokotroni str. central Athens.

Designers taking part are: M.Katratzaki, K. gougounis, O. Paparidou, C. Dourmazer, A. Dadinou, E. Kitsaki, I. Zikiri, N. Mainaris, F. Kostouli, M. Gouromihou, E. Mollet, N. Velentza, D. Iliopoulos, S. Kalogirou.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Playful Geometry

We sat down and chatted with designer Marina Gouromihou about her work, philosophies and the concept behind her creations.

Marina initially studied Interior Design in Greece. She was already involved in making jewelry and ceramics and continued her studies with an MA in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products at the School of Jewellery, UCE, in Birmingham, UK.
After the completion of her course she returned to Greece where she established her company. She has participated in various exhibitions in Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, England etc and has shown her work twice in Munich, Germany at the prestigious Innorgenta exibition.

Being a supporter of the Bauhaus movement and perception, the 3F’s (Form Follows Function), geometry and a mathematical but playful approach seem to govern her mind.
She has been involved with various projects, from Art jewellery (for exibition only) to whole collections based on specific materials (magnets, rubber, aluminium etc) even created pieces with political themes (by using petroleum in her pieces reffering to the black gold)

Whether she creates in silver or rubber she considers each material unique and precious in it’s own way and has done a lot of research as far as the painstaking techniques she utilises in her pieces.

Custom pieces are always welcome, as she enjoys creating one-off pieces never to be reproduced. In her words “…the process of original creation is what I love” and her aim is to be involved in original designs as much as possible. Collaborating with other designers is also of interest to her, as she has already created jewellery that function integrally with original paper clothing designed by Emma Mollet.

Her pieces are logical and minimal but always have a hidden meaning, an original or multifunctional use or an element of surprise in them.

When asked to mention a highlight in her career so far she said “the next project is what I am always most excited about!”, and her ideal client-customer is someone like-minded who can appreciate the unique sensibilities and serious playfulness of her work...

You can find Marina’s workshop at 30 Immitou str. Holargos, Athens.
Contact her at 210-6521476 or 6936-521476 and mrn.g@hotmail.com

Examples of her work can be found at :
Marianna Petridis Gallery, Kolonaki
Ygrey, Peiraius
Rodamos, Psihiko
Art Shop Benaki Museum, Peiraios str.
Bye me, Korinthos
Dia puros Margoni, thessaloniki
Laas, Holargos
Dimitra Boulgarh, Mukonos